What Every Women’s sustainable clothing Closet Looks Like

Different people have different personalities. No two persons are exactly alike. They may have similar physical looks (as twins, triplets, or even quadruplets have), but they can never have the same personalities.

For women, finding the right clothing pieces to wear can be a bit tricky. Since most women love to look fit and fab in the clothes they wear but not lose their style, one needs to pick out the right outfit to suit both their needs and style. Click here to know more about sustainable clothing.

So, if you aren’t sure with the sustainable clothing pieces that one can wear for certain occasions, you can always take a look at some of the most common clothes that women have in their wardrobe.

Common women’s clothes

a. Inner wear

  • Includes bras, pants, camisoles and other clothes that women wear inside others.
  • Stylish inner wear brings out more confidence in a woman as they give her a sense of belonging.
  • Comes in various shapes and sizes to choose from

b. Shirt

  • Commonly known as blouses
  • Comes with buttons running through the garment with varying designs
  • Can come in both short and long-sleeved styles
  • Usually used for official purposes

c. Dress

  • Comes in various designs and sizes for a woman to choose from
  • Different types of dresses for different occasions:
  • Official dress (professional purpose)
  • Social dress
  • Dinner dress
  • Summer dress
  • Church dress

d. Skirt

  • Same with dresses, they come in variety of sizes and designs
  • Commonly used in cultures where trousers and other forms of clothing aren’t allowed

e. Trousers

  • Commonly used in the modern and urban world
  • Mostly used during social gatherings and during travelling
  • Different types:
  • Official trousers (official purposes)
  • Jeans trousers (denim jeans are the most common)

f. Jacket/sweater

  • Used during cold seasons
  • Some are made with light materials, perfect to be used even during the hot season

g. Shoes

  • Comes in various designs, which dictate the purpose of which its bought for
  • Some types include flat shoes, heeled shoes, and sandals

Use these pointers as a guide, and from there you can build your unique, personal wardrobe.

Author: admin